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How to choose a forklift

Column:Industry News Time:2020-04-16
how to choose a forklift

Load Capacity:

1) Load capacity at Max.lifting height

2) if you add an attachment, it will effect the capacity of forklift..

3) Non-standard over sized goods will cause load centre changed, capacity will go down


Lower Height:

Pay attention to forklift heigh fit indoor, elevator, truck or 20ft/40ft container.



1) depending on enviroment in door or outdoor: diesel, gas/LPG or battery forklift

2) Flat ground in good condition or with stones, rough or muddy road: air tires, solid tires or no-marking tires?

3) special environment: cold storage or dust operation etc



With/without an attachment for working. Like fork positioner, side shifter, paper roll clamp etc.



Do you need to stack goods in narrow aisle of warehouse? 

Do you need a pressure regulator valve when forklift reserved with 3rd or 4th valve for attachments?