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How to choose warehouse equipment

Column:Industry News Time:2020-04-16
how to choose warehouse equipment

一,Working condition of goods

1, Goods weight(kg):          ; Lift height(m):         ; rated load at Max.Lift height(m):         

2, Goods dimension(mm)  Length:      Width:      Height:        

3, With/without pallet:           Single/double deck pallet:            

                 Single deck pallet                                Double deck pallet

4, Pallet dimension(mm): A     B     C     D     E     F     G     


二,Working site:

A, Upstairs working(needn’t write if on ground working):

1, The rated capacity of elevator(kg):               

2,elevator dimension(mm) Length:      Width:      Height:        

3, Maximum loading weight for floor(kg):         Clear height between floors(mm):          

B, On ground working:

1, Warehouse dimension(mm) Width:      Height:        

2, With/without Slope:          Angle of slope(mm): A       B        

3, With/without inflammable or explosive products:                  

4, The distance between racks(mm)  C           aisle width (mm)  D             

5, Operating ambient temperature(Degree)