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Runtx takes you to know the main parts of the forklift
Column:Company News Time:2020-05-27

   A forklift is nothing more than an industrial vehicle composed of various parts! Forklift parts are divided into different categories. Forklifts or industrial trucks are material handling equipment, and each component of the forklift is performing a specific job for the forklift, such as moving the load vertically or moving the load horizontally. Runtx Forklift takes you to know, all kinds of accessories and parts for forklift!

     Mast: The mast of the forklift is an easy-to-recognize part because it is an industrial truck, elevator and reduced load. There are four different types of masts including single, double, triple, and quad. Different types of loads have different heights. The load of all parts of the elevator is part of the mast. Mast, lifting cylinder, lifting chain, backrest, front of carriage and forklift, but a forklift lifting part is located on the side of the industrial truck.

     Power supply system: provide industrial trucks and power supply. The forklift is composed of four different power sources: natural gas, diesel, propane and electricity or batteries. The battery is located under the seat of the cab for indoor or outdoor use. Propane is an industrial truck installed at the back, similar to a propane tank used for gas grills, but it is bulky and mostly used indoors and outdoors. Natural gas and diesel forklifts have a fuel tank behind the industrial truck and a gas cap on one side. Natural gas and diesel forklifts are for outdoor use only.

     Cabin: The cab of the forklift is the central control of the industrial truck and all. The truck allows the operator to sit or sit at the operating station. Industrial truck operators usually drive from a sitting position because they are in a forklift for a long time. Once the operator enters the cab, he can easily access controls, meters and safety equipment. The cab contains the steering wheel, throttle, brakes, lift and lower controls, tilt control and information indicators.

      Frame: The frame industrial truck carries all other components of the forklift. The weight held by the forklift behind prevents the truck from leaning forward when loading. The overhead guard surrounds the driver and lights are attached to the components. Industrial trucks with undercarriage drive shafts, axles and wheels. The frame of the forklift has the largest parts industrial truck.

     Model: A forklift model component at a location in almost every part to identify the type of industrial truck and component, this type of forklift. The permanent label is attached to the part so it can be replaced. Some models are printed on a part of the main frame.

    Part number: model number, part number is a forklift that is identified in different components. When ordering spare parts, the customer must provide the number and model of some components. Without the part number and model number, the manufacturer cannot identify the correct component.

Manual: Every new forklift comes with a manual that provides safety tips, user information and some information. The forklift rental manual has drawings and labels of specific forklifts, providing the name and number of each component. There is a list of parts at the back of the manual through diagrams to help the maintenance department determine each part of the forklift.

       Do you now understand the basics of forklift parts?

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