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Runtx Forklift Delivery in Africa

Column:Company News Time:2020-09-14

Customer in Africa already picked up Runtx 3.5ton forklift with Mitsubishi engine, with solid tyres, with triplex 6000mm mast. It will be operated to lifting wood pallets and so on.


The 3.5ton forklift is one of our hot sale series forklift,especially the one pain with blue color. Making Runtx forklifts more and more attractive are not only nice looking, but also reliable design, various options, competitive price, energize team and responsible service.        


“I appreciate you”,customer remarked us again.As I know, many customers in worldwide always think highly of our work, this honor belongs to the individual,what’s more, it belongs to Runtx team. Security is the cornerstone, quality is the foundation and innovation is the future of an enterprise. Runtx will become better and better with your support!