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What Cause Loud Noises During Forklift Operation
Column:Company News Time:2020-10-26

Customers often complain that forklifts make loud noises during operation.So what causes this problem?


1. Loose fasteners, body regulating wheel and roller, when wear is severe, the gap is large.

2, The chain and chain pin shaft wear gap is too large, or the cargo fork, the lower pin and cross beam gap is too large.

3. Check whether the conflict rolling gap between regulating wheel, roller and door frame is too large.Whether there is too much cooperation gap between the fork fork and the fork frame beam, these factors will cause the forklift to make a lot of noise when using.

In a word, there are many reasons for the noise caused by forklifts. Operators should drive forklifts to the parking facilities for a special row to find the reason. If necessary, professional forklift maintenance engineers should be invited to inspect the forklift, so as to solve the problem of loud noise from the source.