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Some precautions when using forklifts in winter
Column:Company News Time:2021-01-07

Some precautions when using forklifts in winter

1. Maintain the brake device

(1) Check and replace the forklift brake fluid. Pay attention to the use of brake fluid with good low temperature fluidity and low water absorption, and prevent water from being mixed in, so as to avoid freezing and braking failure.

(2) Check the drain switch of the oil-water separator. The sewage switch can drain the water in the brake system pipeline to prevent it from freezing, and the poor performance must be replaced in time.

2. Replace all kinds of oil in time

(1) Diesel

When the viscosity of diesel increases at low temperatures, its fluidity, poor atomization, and combustion deteriorate, and the startability, power, and economy of diesel engines decrease significantly. Therefore, diesel with a lower freezing point should be used, pallet trucks, tank trucks, that is, the freezing point of the selected diesel is generally 6°C lower than the ambient temperature.

(2) Engine oil

At low temperatures, the viscosity of the oil increases with the decrease of temperature, the fluidity becomes worse, the frictional resistance increases, and it is difficult for the diesel engine to start. Therefore, it is necessary to change to a lower viscosity oil in time.

(3) Gear oil and grease

In winter, the transmission, reducer and steering gear should be replaced with winter gear oil, and the hub bearing should be replaced with low temperature grease.

(4) Hydraulic or hydraulic transmission oil

In winter, the hydraulic system and hydraulic transmission system should be replaced with hydraulic and hydraulic transmission oil in winter to prevent the forklift from increasing the viscosity of the oil in winter, causing the working device and transmission system to work poorly or even fail to work.

3. Adjust the fuel supply system

(1) Appropriately increase the fuel injection volume of the diesel fuel injection pump and lower the fuel injection pressure to allow more diesel to enter the cylinder, which is convenient for starting the diesel engine in winter. The fuel required to start the diesel engine is about twice the normal. Electric hydraulic forklift, manual forklift prices, for fuel injection pumps equipped with start-up enrichment device, should make full use of its auxiliary starting device.

(2) If the valve clearance is too small in winter, the valve will not close tightly, the cylinder compression pressure will be insufficient, it will be difficult to start, and the wear of the parts will be increased. Therefore, the air gate gap can be adjusted appropriately in winter.