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The importance of forklift attachments

Columnas de:Noticias de la compañía Conocer el tiempo:2021-03-09

  Forklift attachments, also known as multiple devices, are the best tools for multi-purpose forklifts. For forklifts based on forks, it is required to easily replace multiple work attachments, so that the forklift can adapt to the needs of a variety of working conditions.

Forklift attachments are widely used in papermaking, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical, construction, smelting, electronics, beverage, hardware, automobile manufacturing, storage, tobacco and other industries. It is an efficient equipment for automated loading and unloading, stacking and handling.

An important means to improve the work efficiency and safety performance of forklifts, and at the same time greatly reduce its damage, is to equip forklifts with attachments.

  1. High production efficiency and low operating cost

Mechanized handling takes less time than traditional manual handling operations, and at the same time reduces labor expenditures and costs, and improves work efficiency. In the same handling cycle, the number of actions of the forklift is significantly reduced, the corresponding tires, transmission gears, and fuel consumption of the forklift are also reduced, and the operating cost is also reduced.

  2. The operation is safe and reliable, which reduces the accident rate

The attachments designed and produced by professional forklift attachment manufacturers for different industry working conditions are all designed with safety devices, and the clamped (or fork) goods are not easy to slip under abnormal conditions, such as the pressure holding device of clamps ( When carrying cargo, the oil pipe bursts, the hydraulic system maintains pressure, and the cargo will not slip off); the end buffer device of the side shift type attachments reduces the accident rate.

  3. Small loss of goods

With the help of attachments' unique functions such as clamping, side shifting, and rotating, goods can be transported, piled up, or loaded and unloaded more safely, thereby minimizing the loss of goods. The use of attachments also reduces the frequency of use of pallets (such as handling operations without pallets), and the corresponding purchase and maintenance costs.

For example: using the paper roll clamp to transport the paper roll can greatly reduce and avoid the damage of the paper roll. If a forklift without the paper roll clamp is used, the damage rate of the paper roll is 15%. For packaging with large paper volume and high quality paper Enterprises can recover their investment in attachments in a relatively short period of time, and the 15% damage rate avoided thereafter can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise;

The use of the adjustment fork allows the driver to adjust the fork distance through the control handle as needed on the seat, which improves work efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and avoids damage to the tray and fingers during adjustment;

Use a push-pull device to carry materials, and use a slide plate to replace the pallet. The cost is low, and the maintenance and stacking costs of the pallet are saved. Especially the stacking of goods in the container and the carriage can save the stacking space more effectively This shows that forklift attachments play an important role in giving full play to the functions of forklifts.