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Classification of main forklift attachments

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Forklift attachments mainly include: paper roll clamps, carton clamps, soft pack clamps, push-pulls, pushers, rotators, rotary pushers, load stabilizers, single and double pallet forks, tobacco leaf clamps, brick clamps, fork clamps, tires Folder and so on.

1. Fork Clamps

Used in various forms of soft-packaged goods, such as waste paper, box-shaped, waste plastics, chemical fiber and other industries for non-pallet handling and stacking or conventional palletized goods handling and loading and unloading operations.

2. Single and Double Pallet Fork Truck

Used in food, beverage, import and export trade, canned goods and other industries, single pallets or double pallets are required for stacking operations, especially suitable for handling and stacking operations of goods in containers.

3. Fork Positioner

It is used in machinery, ports, ceramics, building materials, agriculture and other irregular goods yards and various occasions without prescribed pallets. The fork spacing can be adjusted by hydraulic pressure to realize the transportation of goods with different specifications of pallets. There is no need for operators to manually adjust the fork spacing and reduce operations. The labor intensity of personnel improves work efficiency and reduces damage to pallets and goods.

4. Fork Positioner

It is applied to the handling, loading and unloading of various bulk goods to realize palletless operation. Such as waste paper recycling, paper mills, scrap metal recycling, garbage transfer stations and other waste industries. Efficient and economical handling and stacking operations without pallets.

5. Multi-Purpose Clamp

It is suitable for tobacco, chemical fiber, port and other industries. It is used for palletless handling, loading and unloading and stacking operations of cartons, wooden boxes, metal boxes or soft packages.

6. Foam Clamp

Mainly used in non-pallet handling in rubber, chemical, chemical fiber and other industries. Such as: sponge, rubber block, foam board and other soft goods are safe and efficient.

7. Bale Clamp/Pulp Bale Clamp

It is used to carry various forms of soft package goods, such as rags, waste paper, cotton, wool, hay, industrial scraps and other soft packages. In the absence of pallets, it can be transported and stacked efficiently and economically.

8. Push/pull

It is suitable for transporting goods placed on the skateboard (such as: electrical appliances, tools, hardware, fertilizers, food, beverages, etc.) to achieve high-efficiency and low-maintenance transport and stacking operations.

9. Rotator

It is usually used in conjunction with containers such as fork-type hoppers. It can quickly flip the goods in the container at 360 degrees. It is widely used in industries such as food, chemical, recycling, smelting and casting that need to flip the hopper container.

10. Revolving pushoff

It is suitable for bagged goods such as plastic pellets, cement, fertilizer, feed, etc. It has pallet handling, loading and unloading and stacking operations. The goods can be pushed out and pallets can be taken out without manual work, which is safe and efficient, and reduces labor intensity.

11. Smelting Clamp

It is used in various smelting industries to safely and efficiently carry various smelting products, ensuring the safety of operators and reducing the labor intensity of operators.

12. Hydro-cylinder clamp

It is suitable for the disassembly, transportation and stacking operations of the mechanical telescopic cylinder of the hydraulic support of the coal mine, which is safe and efficient, saves manpower, and reduces the labor intensity of the laborers.

13. Paper Roll Clamp

Mainly used in the handling and handling of round objects such as papermaking, printing, cartons, trade, and packaging.

14. Carton Clamp

It is suitable for warehousing, household appliances, electronics and other industries, where cartons are required to pack goods without pallet handling and stacking operations.

In addition to using forklifts as the most basic work attachments, forklifts can also be developed and equipped with a variety of replaceable attachments according to user needs.

Such as side shift devices, sanitation accessories, grippers, spinners, bucket clamps, string rods, hooks, cargo buckets, etc.

The main components of common forklift attachments are: fixed parts-brackets, working devices, working cylinders, hose roll-in and roll-out devices.

Simple attachments: lifting arm, string rod, oil barrel tongs.

Complex attachments: buckets, fork sets, booms, flat clamps, paper roll clamps, pick rods, bucket clamps, ejectors, log clamps, crane arms, carton clamps, soft pack clamps, side shifters, tilt Turning forks, forward shifting forks, all-self-lifting forks, etc.