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Runtx Electric Pallet Truck Channel Steel Car

Columnas de:Noticias de la compañía Conocer el tiempo:2021-03-22

Building steel can generally be divided into steel for steel structures and steel for reinforced concrete structures. Steel structure steel mainly includes ordinary carbon structural steel and low-alloy structural steel. The varieties are section steel, steel pipe and steel bar. There are angle steel, I-beam and channel steel in section steel.These construction steels are usually super long in size. In order to improve the handling efficiency, they are usually packaged into a bundle for transportation and transfer.


In the process of transportation and transfer, ordinary forklifts cannot be perfectly competent. One is because some roads and spaces in the construction site cannot use ordinary counterbalanced forklifts, and the small storage handling equipment cannot meet the transportation requirements.


For this reason, Runtx have specially customized a warehouse electric handling equipment suitable for transporting channel steel for construction.This electric pallet truck not only inherits the characteristics of ordinary trucks, is pollution-free, flexible and compact, and has an integrated process forged fork that can reach 2.5 meters in length, which not only ensures the flexible transportation of bundles of ultra-long channel steel And can achieve efficient work in any small space. The operation is no different from ordinary trucks, anyone can use it smoothly and smoothly.