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Runtx new series of electric forklifts

Columnas de:Noticias de la compañía Conocer el tiempo:2021-05-12

Customized electric forklifts for customer research are now on sale, about this electric forklift:


 1.High-quality manganese steel, strong toughness and high safety factor

2. Electrophoresis-automotive grade painting process

3. Integral forming overhead guard, strong and durable, large arched structure, high pressure resistance, strong safety

4. Integrated injection molding instrument panel, humanized design, with USB charging port

5. With LED headlights, beautiful and practical, energy-saving more than 80%

6. High-frequency MOSFET integrated controller ensures smooth and precise walking and lifting control,

excellent speed regulation performance, good matching performance of motor electronic control, regenerative braking,

reverse braking, slope anti-slide and other functions, safe and reliable.


Higher cost performance under the premise of excellent qualityWelcome to contact us to know more about it.