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Why choose LPG forklift

Columnas de:Noticias de la compañía Conocer el tiempo:2021-06-24
Why choose LPG forklift

When the forklift operating environment is a closed storage space or where there are certain requirements for air cleanliness, forklift users usually can only choose to use battery forklifts, but battery forklifts need to be stopped for charging before they can work, which has certain requirements for high-intensity work Inconvenience. Therefore, more people will choose to use propane forklifts or gasoline forklifts, and LPG forklifts can also be considered in the case of both driving forces.

To the application of liquefied petroleum gas engines in forklift trucks has become more common all over the world. Its fuel price is low, and it emits less exhaust gas. In particular, it seriously harms human health and easily leads to PM2.5 and PM10 emission particles of pneumoconiosis and lung cancer. Basically nothing. Runtx LPG forklifts use GCT gasoline engines imported from Japan and PSI gasoline engines imported from the United States. The forklift is equipped with a replacement device, so that the forklift has two fuel drives, which not only reduces polluting gas emissions but also ensures high-efficiency work. And compared to trams, LPG forklifts are more cost-effective and cheaper at the same load.

      Congratulations on the smooth arrival of Runtx LPG forklift in Mexico