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Heavy Reach Stacker

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Heavy Reach Stacker

Full Can-bus Control System

DM450 reach stacker is equipped with full Can-bus control system. The engine, transmission, electric system, hydraulic system, loading safety system, spreader system are all integrated in the Can-bus system, all devices are monitored at real time. Parker control units ensure the system reliable and flexible.

Hydraulic system of DM450 Reach Stacker

World class Linde hydraulic company is the famous hydraulic solution supplier which supply the high-quality, high precision, high reliability hydraulic products.

DM450 is equipped with Linde pump and control valve, these parts are specially developed for reach stacker, with load sense control circuit saving energy, precise control, low resistance and long life time, this excellent hydraulic system fully support truck excellent performance.

Intelligent hydraulic oil cooler can ensure the stable oil temperature and avoid the tremendous changing of the oil, prolong the oil lifetime to save money.

Rigorous Design Process

FEM analysis supported design provides high strength of chassis and boom, make whole truck stable and robust.

Core Technology

•Dynamic anti-tip over protection 

•Load sense hydraulic system 

•Vertical lifting function

•Errors automatic detection and real data showing technology

•Anti-collision protection for spreader and boom

•Full Can-bus communication

•Movable cabin

•Separate brake tank

•Pressurized hydraulic tank

High Quality Powerfull Engine

•Equipped with cummins engine or volve engine, with full electrical control system to ensure economic fuel consumption

•Equipped with turbocharger to improve the truck power and engine efficiency

•Strong power to meet various working condition

•Comply with EU stage III/ EU stage IV/Tier 4F gas emission standard

•Full lubrication performance to ensure the low noise level

•The electric engine protection system shutdown the engine to avoid the damage when low lub-oil pressure / high temperature

The Automatic Transmission

•DANA automatic transmission

•Auto-gear transmission with 4 forwards / 4 reverse speed, makes the truck operation smooth and good economic performance

•Minimum maintenance, long life time

•Inching function ensure the accurate approaching performance

•Reversing interlock, speed controlled downshift protection

Control System Special Features 

Display code and content, not need to view manual book, save time.

The DM450 reacher stacker is currently using the most advanced integrated fuse box unit, and the control box is beautiful and small. All the fuses are concentrated.

Fuse box with indicator lights itself, if fuse burnout, it will light up.

Spacious Driving Environment

The cabin adopts the latest ergonomic design, Simple & elegant, Spacious & comfortable. Equipped with large-color display for easy reading the real status of the truck.Firm cabin design to ensure the safety and comfort of the operator. Good tightness, the doors & windows can be opened & closed easily and firmly. Equipped with multi-function joystick, All the control are at your fingertips.

The luxury seat can be adjusted according to the driver's height and weight to ensure the most comfortable driving and high efficiency. The safety glass to ensure the excellent allround visibility. Equipped with Air-Conditioner with heating function to suit working in all climates.

Touch-sensitive High resolution Color Display

A reliable color display shows all important information, like the lifting weight, boom angle, lifting height, main pressure, engine status, oil level, error codes etc. The quick responding controller helps the operation high efficiency.


The spreader is light, flexible, safe and reliable, suitable for operating 20-40ft containers.

Model designation
Power unit: battery, diesel, LP gas, mains power
Operation: manual, pedestrian, stand-on, seated, order picker
Rider Seated
Load capacity(L1, L2, L3)Q (kg)
45000 / 31000 / 16000
Load centre, First row(L1)c (mm)
1800@6 Layer,2000@1-5 Layer
Load centre, Second row(L2)c (mm)
Load centre, Third row(L3)c (mm)
Axle centre to spreader center(L1-1/2 high)x (mm)
Wheelbasey (mm)
Transmission ManufacturerZF/5WG261 AUTODANA15.5HR36432
Transmission typeAuto-shift / Interlock
Clutch typeTorque Converter
Gear number 5 F / 3 R4F / 4R
Drive wheels18.00-25 40PR
Steering wheels18.00-25 40PR
Pressure10 bar
Quantity, front/rear4 / 2

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