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Empty container handler

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Empty container handler

RUNTX empty container handler is equipped with multiple advantages, the handler has high safety, high effciency, high precision and high stability performances. Intergrated operating system ensure      the handler highly productive.

1, Smooth Power Steering

Hydrostatic power steering allows full steering lock to be attained even at standstill. Accurate maneuverability with slight steering force. Cab-mounted anti-collision valve. Heavy-duty steer axle       mounted to the chassis via superelastic bushes allowing axle articulation over uneven roads. The steering lock prevents the cylinder from over-stroke.

2, Advanced design

FEM analysis supported design provides high strength of chassis and mast, making whole handler stable and robust.

3, Innovative Lift Mast
The design of the ultra-wide view mast qualifies as revolutionary, compared with other brands of handler, Our inner mast is pivoted on the chassis whereas outer mast is designed for lifting. Increased forward visibility. Excellent view of the mast and strong torsion resistance to ensure the stacking capacity at the maximum height.

4, Market Leader Powerful Engine
•Equipped with Cummins Engine, with full electronic control system to ensure economic fuel consumption
•Equipped with turbocharger to improve the handler power and engine efficiency
•Strong power to meet various working condition
•Comply with EU Stage III gas emission standard
•Full lubrication performance to ensure the low noise level
•The electric engine protection system shutdown the engine to avoid the damage when low lub-oil pressure / high temperature

5, Kessler D81 Drive Axle
Kessler heavy duty drive axle,with wide wheel track, 2-stages reduction gear box, strong axle body optimized for heavy loading condition,  free maintenance wet disk driving brake.This drive axle performs under various harsh conditions ensuring high safety and long life time.

6, Full Can-bus Control System(Chinese And English Operation Interface)

RUNTX empty container handler is equipped with full Can-Bus control system.

The engine/ transmission/ electric system/ hydraulic system/ loading safety system/ spreader system are all integrated in the Can-bus system, all devices are monitored at real time. Parker control units ensure the system is reliable and flexible.

7, Comfortable Driving Environment

•The cabin adopts the latest ergonomic design, Simple & elegant, Spacious & comfortable.

•Equipped with large-color display for easy reading the real status of the handler.

•Strong cabin design to ensure the safety and comfort of the operator. The doors & windows can be opened & closed easily and firmly.

•Equipped with multi-function joystick, All the control are at your fingertips.

•The luxury seat can be adjusted according to the driver's height and weight to ensure the most comfortable driving and high efficiency. The safety glass to ensure the excellent all-round visibility.

•Equipped with Air-Conditioner with heating function to suit working in all climates.

8, The Automatic Transmission

•ZF automatic transmission

•Auto-gear transmission with 3 forwards / 3 reverse speed, makes the handler operation smooth and good economic performance

•Low maintenance cost, long life time

•Inching function ensure the accurate approaching performance

•Reversing interlock, speed controlled downshift protection

9, High Resolution Color Display

A reliable color display shows all important information, Like the lifting weight, lifting height, main pressure, engine status, oil level, error codes etc. 

The quick responding controller performs the high efficiency operation.

Safety Device

With seat safety switch

•In the case of the driver is not seated, cut off all the hydraulic, driving function.

Spreader status indicator

•Red yellow green indicator lights;

•The light signal indicating the spreader, unlock state;

•Restrict abnormal lifting, lowering operation.

Weighing display and overload limiting system

•Load rating of 90%, sound alarm prompts full load status;

•Exceeding the rated load, will cut off the lifting function.

Can-bus diagnosis

•Display engine, gearbox and other fault code;

•Display oil, pressure, temperature and other alarm information.

Double brake pedal design

•Adapt to the driver's operating habits.

Safety of spreader and mast

•Limited speed valve for mast lower, chain anti loose;

•High strength structure design of mast and spreader.

Model DG90/8DG90/7DG80/7DG80/6
Load capacityKg9000900080008000
Maximum stacking layer
Lift speed, laden/unladenm/s0.55 / 0.600.55 / 0.600.55 / 0.600.55 / 0.60
Lowering speed, laden/unladenm/s0.60 / 0.600.60 / 0.600.60 / 0.600.60 / 0.60
Travel speed, laden/unladenkm/h26 / 2826 / 2825 / 2725 / 27
Climbing ability, laden/unladen%38 / —38 / —30 / —30 / —
Tractive forcekN157.5157.5107.5107.5
Height of mast, loweredh1(mm)1239911111110919600
Tilt angle (forward / backward)α/β( / °)
3 / 43 / 43 / 43 / 4
Height of mast, extendedh4(mm)21818192441920416660
Height of cabinh6(mm)4326432643264326
Height, operator's seath7(mm)3226322632063206
Twistlock height, loweredh13(mm)2290229022902290
Lift heighth3(mm)21216186421860016290
Overall lengthl1(mm)6850685064506450
Length to spreader facel2(mm)6682668262776277
Overall widthb1/b2(mm)4120 / 25704120 / 25703627 / 23983627 / 2398
Width of spreader 20'/40'b3(mm)6050 / 121506050 / 121506050 / 121506050 / 12150
Turning radiusWa(mm)6300630057005700
Wheelspan, Front wheelsb10(mm)3280328028802880
Wheelspan, Rear wheelsb11(mm)2171217120682068

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