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25 tons-32 tons Heavy duty diesel counterbalance forklift

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25 tons-32 tons Heavy duty diesel counterbalance forklift

Power Type
Rated Loadkg250003000032000
Load Centermm122012201220
Overall Length with forkmm3060
Overall Widthmm895089509460

1.The cabin tipping operation is convenient for maintenance and inspection of the forklift

2. Reliable structure design, through finite element analysis, kinematics, dynamics simulation calculation and harsh fatigue, vibration and other tests, to ensure that the structure of the whole forklift is reliable and durable
3. Reliable power system, using Yuchai, Weichai, Cummins, VOLVO and other well-known brands of engines, reliable quality, strong power, combined with advanced power matching and control technology, power performance has been greatly optimized
4. Quick-couple technology of attachments to realize efficient operation under different working conditions
5. Comfortable operating environment, wide field of vision, and all operator-centered human-computer interaction environments can effectively relieve fatigue
6. The pilot valve is used to control the distribution valve and the oil circuit of the working device, and the operation is light and flexible
7. Standard cast iron counterbalanced weight

RUNTX counterbalanced forklift is not only suitable for loading and unloading large-tonnage cargo, but also can undertake the auxiliary maintenance, disassembly and installation of important equipment; it can also be used for steel, stone, concrete, round wood, 20/40FT container loading and unloading and other materials.
The counterbalanced forklift independently developed by RUNTX is stable, reliable, safe and efficient. It has developed a series of products with different load capacity from 10 tons to 35 tons, and provides a variety of attachments and various mast frames. Customers are free to choose and strive to meet customer needs.

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